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montage & images by Leigh Bishop
Empire Heritage...Convoy..HXF 305.......
Sunk 8th Sept 1944 North Atlantic
feature & Photographs by Leigh Bishop
Online article | Wreck Images

One of the most interesting shipwrecks lost at the end of the second world war is that of the Empire Heritage a 15,702-ton transport ship lost in convoy with a cargo of government stores to include dozens of sherman tanks. Today this cargo of tanks can be seen scattered over the seabed alongside the wreck at a depth of 228ft, the wreck lies twisted and in places upturned, her boilers stand proud in the amazing clear waters of the North Atlantic. Like many merchant ships of the time Empire
Heritage was reasonably armed at the time of her loss with a single 4inch gun one 12pdr and six Oerlikons. On top of that she sailed the commodore's column in heavy convoy coded HXF 305 force 33 alongside other merchant ships and of course their escorts, a convoy which report ably, consisted of 100 ships.
Empire Heritage click to enlarge
Archive photograph of the Empire Heritage click image to enlarge
Empire Heritage was torpedoed by U-482 her rescue ship Pinto picked up many of the casualties and soon after was also suck by torpedo fired from U-482. Many of the personnel aboard the Empire Heritage were victims of other U-Boat sinking's as she crossed the Atlantic from the US. These people became victims of not one sinking vessel but three separate sinking's within one crossing of the Atlantic. Today the Pinto lies close to the wreck of the Empire Heritage and like the Heritage she also lies in waters that produce extraordinary viability with water clarity that has been known to reach 180ft and more!
huge prop of Empire Heritage
upsidedown sherman tank The links above will jump you to both images of the wreck as she rests on the seabed today, as well as an in depth feature into the history and diving of the wreck. The images of the wreck include photographs of the sherman tanks that now lie across the seabed. These images taken by deep ocean shipwreck photographer Leigh Bishop have been developed using black and white film emulsions and pushed to high speeds to bring out

the best atmosphere that describes and brings home the true story of the Empire Heritage.
Leigh Bishops online article into time exposure photography and how these images were created can be found here.
©Leigh Bishop

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